Problems with your Fireplace, Stove or Chimney

In general most problems relating to a fireplace or stove not performing well are usually related to burning logs that are too damp. There can be other reasons that an open fire, stove or chimney fails to perform and if switching to kiln dried firewood doesn't solve the problem we suggest you contact your chimney sweep or fireplace/stove supplier for expert advice.

Typical Problems Caused by Burning Damp Wood

  • The fire is difficult to light, smokey and takes a long time to produce any heat.
  • You start to use more logs than usual to produce very little heat output.
  • The fire fails to burn at a high temperature and produces tar that sticks to the chimney.
  • Tar on the chimney lining builds up and may cause a chimney fire.
  • The glass on the log burner door becomes obscured with tar.

Buying a Stove

Fitting a wood burning stove is great way to keep your home warm and cut your heating bills too. Stoves typically operate at an efficiency of 80%, compared to the efficiency of an open fire of about 10 - 15%.

If you are thinking of installing a new stove, our friend Jon Smallcombe at Adena Fires sells stoves from Aarrow, Chilli Penguin, Clearview, Contura, ESSE, Jotul and Scan. Adena has a showroom in Tonbridge.

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If you are on a budget and would like to fit your own stove try Stoves Online.