Bertie's Bonds

Bertie's is embarking on a programme of investments to help keep lead-times for orders as short as possible. These investments will include site infrastructure, processing machines, delivery vehicles and raw materials.
As you are probably aware, savings rates in the financial markets are rock bottom at the moment. Why not earn more on your savings by purchasing a Bertie's Bond. Upon buying a Bertie's Bond you will receive more purchasing power for every Pound invested. You can redeem your investment against your future (or pending) orders of Bertie's Logs. If however, five years after you purchased a Bertie's Bond, you would prefer to cash it in, Bertie's will refund any remaining unspent balance on your bond account.
Please see here for extra information, payment methods and the Terms & Conditions.

Please note that, if you would also like to order a bulk load of logs, this must be done in a separate order.